Dr. phil. Sarah Köksal



Sarah Köksal holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mongolian studies and Sinology from the Rheinish Friedrich Willhelms University of Bonn and the  National University of Mongolia in Ulaanbataar. She continued her studies at Ludwig Maximilians University and earned a Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication in 2018. For her doctoral research about identity narratives of Chinese in the United States, she conducted fieldwork at the University of California Berkeley and was awarded the LMU-UCB Excellent Research in the Humanities Award in 2021.

From April 2022 to March 2023 Sarah Köksal worked as a research associate at the Chair of Economics of Horticulture and Landscaping at the Technical University of Munich. She is cooperating with Clara Wagner on a project about multi-family-consulting for family businesses in rural Bavaria.