Topics for Research Projects, Bachelor's or Master's theses

If you consider to do your thesis or your research project at this chair, we advise that you take at least one of our seminars. At best, the seminar is already in the context of your thesis topic.

A selection of research interests and topics in horticulture and landscaping is shown below. You can also submit your own ideas and projects. We will work with you to transform your research idea into a suitable topic. It is also possible to redesign one of the topics below or to transfer them into other areas.
Scientific research starts with an exciting idea. Then a suitable research question is developed narrowing the focus of the topic. During this step, you will start reviewing the literature on the topic, including the literature on potential research methods. The preparation of a proposal is an important step on your way to a successful thesis, and absolutely necessary for target-oriented advising.
The amount of time that you spend depends on many factors, some of them personal. It may differ depending on the type of project and whether you are working on a BSc. or a MSc. thesis. However, in general, the same requirements apply to all kinds of scientific research projects. So, there is no special science for bachelor’s theses, which is different from the science for master’s theses or doctorate research. General requirements of rigor apply in all areas and all fields, even if you decide to do a very applied project or to address a management question in collaboration with an enterprise or organization.

General Advice on how to Write Scientific Papers

The Chair of Economics of Horticulture and Landscaping provides students with General Advice on how to Write Scientific Papers (pdf-document, word-document). Please ask your advisor for the current version.

Current research interests of Prof. Bitsch

At the chair, we use mostly qualitative research approaches as well as the case study method.

  • Sustainable food systems
  • Sustainability: measurement systems and evaluation across the value chain
  • Strategic management and institutional development
  • Management skills and competencies, individual action & organizational behavior, development, and change
  • Human resource management

Examples of Topics

Sustainability und Corporate Social Responsibility

  • NEW: Approaches to increasing sustainability in the food system (Prof. Bitsch)
  • How do agribusinesses/food industry players present their sustainability contributions and challenges on their webpages (Prof. Bitsch)
  • Instagram, Facebook or other social media: How agribusinesses or food industry producers or retail chains present themselves regarding sustainability (Prof. Bitsch)
  • Comparing the sustainability contributions of an agribusiness, food industry, or food retail chain on company websites and social media (Prof. Bitsch)
  • Analysis of sustainability reporting in agribusinesses and the food industry (Prof. Bitsch)

Training and Labor

  • Vocational education and training (apprenticeship) in the green sector (Wagner)

    • Opportunities and challenges
    • Focus on agriculture: challenges and opportunities regarding apprentices without agricultural background for the apprentices themselves, consultants and teachers
    • Motives and development of apprentices and instructors

  • Migration in the green sector: labor, training, opportunities and challenges for migrants and businesses (Wagner)

 Business Management

  • Succession in agricultural and horticultural family businesses (Wagner)

    • Perspectives from consultancy and affected family members
    • Impact on family, company, and employees
    • Individual case analyses

  • System theory approaches to issues of farm development (Wagner)

    • Practical implementation of system theory and system theory tools (System Map, Impact Matrix, Scenario Analysis)
    • Use of these tools for the analysis of problem situations, development of problem solving approaches and development possibilities of a company/farm

  • Consulting content and quality in the process of farm succession of agricultural family businesses in Bavaria/Germany (Wagner)
  • Economics of precision horticulture technologies (Gandorfer)