Ongoing Research Internships, B.Sc. Theses, and M.Sc. Theses

Name Type of Thesis/ Internship Titel Status
Ulyana Bakun M.Sc. Thesis Sustainable Wine Production in Germany: A Comparative Analysis of Certification Schemes and Producer Perspectives ongoing
Elisabeth Voigt M.Sc. Thesis Perspectives on the circular economy from the suppliers of reusable food packaging in Germany ongoing
Letizia Fratini M.Sc. Thesis Motivations and goals of food sharing initiatives and their participants with a focus on food sharing cafes in Germany Completed WS 2023/24
Michelle Mascardo-Carreno M.Sc. Thesis Analysis of sustainability reporting in the plant-based food sector Completed WS 2023/24
Sandra Schichtl M.Sc. Thesis Urban Agriculture for Sustainable Urban Development: Role and Influencing Factors of Urban Agriculture in German Cities Completed SS 2023
Paulina Kostmann B.Sc. Thesis Analysis of the sustainability contributions on the websites of selected bio-supermarkets Completed SS 2023
Vincent Maria Van Baal B.Sc. Thesis Opportunities and Challenges in the Dual Training Programm for Gardeners Specializing in Horticulture and Landscaping - A Qualitative Study Using the Example of Vocational School Teachers Completed WS 2022/23
Marta Marlena Knop-Boruscinska M.Sc. Thesis Analysis of the perception of agriculture in Germany in relation to sustainability by instagram users Completed WS 2022/23
Sandra Schichtl Research Project Cause-related Marketing - a comparative Case study using the example of two campaigns Completed WS 2022/23
Seyed Hafez Pirzadeh B.Sc. Thesis Sustainability Communication in Food Retailing - A Thematic Analysis of REWE's Corporate Website Completed SS 2022
Tara Alina Sadeghi-Esfahlani B.Sc. Thesis Analysis of the Sustainability Communication of Selected Conventional Supermarkets and Discounters on LinkedIn Completed SS 2022
Amanda Kirschner B.Sc. Thesis Comparison of mission statements of german agricultural start-ups Completed WS 2021/22
Jelena Rott B.Sc. Thesis Apprentices in agriculture without an agricultural background - Opportunities and challenges for the trainers Completed WS 2021/22
Julian Palacios Giraldo M.Sc. Thesis Implementation of sustainability indicators in the agricultural sector of the EU Completed WS 2021/22
Julian Maier B.Ed. Thesis Quality and attractiveness of vocational education and training in landscaping from a company perspective Completed SS 2021
Sabrina Branner M.Sc. Thesis Gender-based Barriers to Agricultural Management Positions: Female participation in farm management in Bavarian fruit production Completed SS 2021
Cora Huhn Research Project The role of community gardens in the integration of migrants in Germany Completed WS 2020/21
Cora Huhn M.Sc. Thesis The future of the dual training system in horticulture and landscaping from the perspective of specialized companies in Germany Completed WS 2020/21
Clara Wagner M.Sc. Thesis Role of Mindsets in Succession Processes in Horti- and Agricultural Family Businesses Completed WS 2020/21
Josua Kauffeldt M.Sc. Thesis Community Supported Agriculture: Structures and Decision-Making Processes in a South German CSA Completed WS 2019/20
Andreas Türk M.Sc. Thesis An international comparison of mechanization in apple production and effects on the operational cost structure Completed WS 2019/20
Johanna Saxler M.Sc. Thesis Comparison and Evaluation of Sustainability Assessment Tools Applied to the Specific Agricultural Value Chain of Organic Oat Flakes Completed SS 2019
Hannah Wieser M.Sc. Thesis Food waste in Germany: Studen's knowledge and perception Completed SS 2019
Caroline Nagel-Held Research Project Urban Gardening in Kiev Completed WS 2018/19
Regina Sedlmeier M.Sc. Thesis Business models and their potential for food waste minimization Completed WS 2018/19
Andrés Felipe Mahecha Cruz M.Sc. Thesis Conventional and Organic vegetable production and marketing in the region of Knoblauchsland Completed SS 2018
Anja Aschenbrenner-Masterarbeit M.Sc. Thesis Sustainable consumption: Comparison of business models in the food retail sector Completed SS 2018
Marie-Theres Janka M.Sc. Thesis Online food shopping and food waste Completed SS 2018
Lisa Köhl M.Sc. Thesis Qualitative Analysis of a Value Chain of an Agricultural Product in the Setting of a Pickle Producing Nonprofit Organization in Vienna and Slovakia Completed SS 2018
Jakob Schmiedbauer M.Sc. Thesis Integration of foreign employees in horticultural business Completed SS 2018
Paul Knauer M.Sc. Thesis Agiles management in German Horticulture Completed WS 2017/18
Veronica Villnow M.Sc. Thesis Glyphosat in the Print Media Completed WS 2017/18
Niklas Frohn M.Sc. Thesis Food Sharing in Bayern Completed SS 2017
Vanessa Hoffmann Research Project Seminarmethoden für die Aus- und Weiterbildung landwirtschaftlicher Betriebsleiter_innen zum Management Completed SS 2017
Martin Schnuppe B.Sc. Thesis Biologischer Champignonanbau in Österreich Completed SS 2017
Franziska Schwab B.Sc. Thesis Analyse von Direktvermarktungsbetrieben in der nördlichen Oberpfalz Completed SS 2017
Laura Carlson M.Sc. Thesis Social Sustainability Advocacy in the Ready-Made Garment Industry in Bangladesh: A Grounded Theory Investigation Completed WS 2016/17
Eunykyung Kang M.Sc. Thesis Food waste and food insecurity in Upper Bavaria Completed WS 2016/17
Felix Pfluger B.Sc. Thesis Indicators to discuss the flatness of payoff functions Completed WS 2016/17
Francesco Ricchieri M.Sc. Thesis Food waste and food redistribution in Italy Completed WS 2016/17
Francisco Barajas Solano M.Sc. Thesis Assessing beef production systems, related greenhouse gas emissions, producer prices and their relationship to beef quality Completed WS 2016/17
Stojan Dimitrov M.Sc. Thesis Food waste in the German food service sector Completed SS 2016
Robin King M.Sc. Thesis CSR in Horticulture Completed SS 2016
Isabell Oster Research Project CO2 Abatement Cost Of Innovative Tomato Production Systems Completed SS 2016
Ivanna Wittmann B.Sc. Thesis Challenges before, during and after the conversion from conventional to organic farming Completed SS 2016
David Hermsdorf M.Sc. Thesis Strategies to reduce food waste in German food retail Completed WS 2015/16
André Prescher M.Sc. Thesis Evaluation of the usage of peat and peat alternatives in the german horitcultural sector Completed WS 2015/16
Corrina Reithmayer Research Project Design Of Fruit Crop Hail Insurance Completed WS 2015/16
Marie Wulbrand M.Sc. Thesis Conversion from conventional to organic farming: process, challenges and chances Completed WS 2015/16
Marta Marlena Borucinska B.Sc. Thesis Employee satisfaction of Polish seasonal workers Completed SS 2015
Lisa Christofzik M.Sc. Thesis Impact Of WASDE Reports On Matif Wheat Futures Market Completed SS 2015
Anna Landsberg M.Sc. Thesis Hail Risk Management In Fruit Production: Insurance Completed SS 2015
Philipp Meyer B.Sc. Thesis Analysis of the Urban Gardening Projects in Munich Completed SS 2015
Amelie Nellen M.Sc. Thesis Food waste: The Slow Food- movement as an approach of reduction of food waste Completed SS 2015
Christiane Schettler M.Sc. Thesis Minimum wage in German Horticulture Completed SS 2015
Christiane Schettler Research Project Dumpster diving in media Completed SS 2015
Lisa Christofzik Research Project Analysis Of Local Yield And Revenue Volatility In Fruit Production Completed WS 2014/15
Christiane Schettler Research Project Consumer perception and attitudes of online flower shops Completed WS 2014/15
Florian Werr M.Sc. Thesis BayWa r.e Stakeholder`s requirements towards the TÜV-Certificaton „Precursor of Energy Turnaround” Completed WS 2014/15
Carolin Rosenau Research Project Dairy conflict in Germany - Analysis based on journals and internetarticels Completed SS 2014
Lena Seifert Research Project Consumer perception of fairtrade cutflowers in Baveria Completed SS 2014
Julia Stubenrauch M.Sc. Thesis Measurement of sustainable business management in German Agriculture Completed SS 2014
Korbinian Holzner B.Sc. Thesis Conversion from conventional to organic vegetable production Completed WS 2013/14
Katharina Kappauf M.Sc. Thesis Risk Management in Horticulture Completed WS 2013/14
Thomas Krämer M.Sc. Thesis Internationalization strategy in the organic beverage sector: a case study Completed WS 2013/14
Stefan Leimgruber M.Sc. Thesis Developing a controling system for the Perger eG Completed WS 2013/14
Michael Bachl-Staudinger Management Internship Assessment of Development of operational Scenarios for Cash Crop Farming Completed SS 2013
Axel Steib Management Internship Shrimp Farm as an alternative Source of Income for Biogas Farms in Agriculture Completed SS 2013
Peter Elsdörfer B.Sc. Thesis Success factors in the flower retail business Completed WS 2012/13
Fabian Frick Research Project System-oriented Evaluation of the Intensity of Nitrogen in a Field Vegetable Production Completed WS 2012/13
Annkatrin Hartwich M.Sc. Thesis Assessment of new Price Hedging Instruments applied on Landea TM and Commodity Hedging applied on Wheat/Rapeseed Completed WS 2012/13
Tobias Wiedenmann B.Sc. Thesis Optimal Production Direction in Cash Crop Farming with focus on Price Risk and different Marketing Strategies Completed WS 2012/13